SDG5000 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

  • Up to 160MHz Output Frequency
  • 500MSa/S Sampling Rate
  • 14-bit Vertical Resolution

Product Overview

Siglent Technologies invented the pulse generator algorithm EasyPulse, which is found in the SDG5000 waveform generators. Based on this new technology, the SDG5000 is capable of generating a pulse signal with low jitter, fast rising and falling edge (frequency independent effect), small duty cycle, edge and pulse width can be a wide range of adjustment.

Max Output Frequency Max Sampling Rate Vertical Resolution Waveform Length Channels Price
SDG5162 160 MHz 500M Sa/s 14bit CH1:16Kpts, CH2:512Kpts 2CH $1192 Buy Now
SDG5122 120 MHz 500M Sa/s 14bit CH1:16Kpts, CH2:512Kpts 2CH $935 Buy Now
SDG5082 80 MHz 500M Sa/s 14bit CH1:16Kpts, CH2:512Kpts 2CH $718 Buy Now

Key Features

  • Memory depths of 512kpts for CH2 and 16kpts for CH1
  • Dual Floating Output Channel
  • EasyPulse Technology

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Product Characteristics

EasyPulse Technology View more

EasyPulse Technology

Low jitter; Edge and pulse width adjustable over a wide range
At very low frequencies (< 1Hz) the SDG5000 can still output pulses with rapid rising/falling edge (6ns)
At low frequencies, pulse width can also be kept to a minimum 12ns, duty cycle can be as small as 0.0001%

EasyPulse shows no one-reference-period-jitter, compared to DDS.

Low jitter — less than 100ps cycle-cycle RMS jitter

At frequency 1Hz, can still be able to output a pulse with a rapid rising/falling edge (6ns); but the ordinary DDS pulse edge is very slow, at the millisecond level.

At 0.1Hz pulse, Easypulse pulse width can also be kept to a minimum 12ns, duty cycle can be as small as 0.0001%; but the ordinary DDS pulse width is wider, duty cycle is not adjustable.

At 0.1Hz pulse, Easypulse edge can be a wide range of adjustment, the minimum edge is 6ns the maximum edge can be adjusted to 6s; but the ordinary DDS pulse edge adjustment is more restricted.

Output frequency up to 160MHz

Abundant modulation functions, sweep-frequency output, burst output

Support USB-TMC protocol and SCPI programming command control

Read arbitrary waveform files, read oscilloscope storage files (.CSV)

Standard Accessories

  • Quick Start

    Printed Quick Start Guide (English)

  • Power Cord

    Power cord designed for use with the instrument in the country of operation. Available separately. Power cord H05VV-F 3G0.75MM2-004; GB-line power line (L = 1.5m ± 20mm) three plugs; product suffix; 0.13 square; black (Ju Yu)

Optional Accessories

  • ATT-20dB

    20 dB Attenuator

  • SPA1010

    Power Amplifier(typical); Input Impedance: 15kΩ; Input: +/- 6.5V Vpp(Gain:X1); +/- 1.3V (Gain:X10); Gain: Switching in 10V/1V and 10V/10V; Output Voltage: 25.4 Vpp; Output Current: 1.12 A; Slew Rate: ≥ 90 V/μs; Overshoot: ≤ 4%. Compatile with all SIGLENT SDG series generators.


    Rackmount kit is designed for use with only one instrument. It is compatible with the SDG800, SDG1000, SDG1000X, SDG2000X, and SDG5000 series function generators

  • BNC cable

    BNC terminated coaxial cable (1 m length).

  • USB-GPIB adapter

    GPIB adapter converts GPIB signals to USB. For use with instruments that do not have a native GPIB bus Overview:  USB-GPIB adapter is used to Siglent instrument, which has the USB Host interface but have no GPIB interface  (eg SDS1000 series digital oscilloscope) . It can help this instrument connect to the device on the … Continued

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