Technical Videos

Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzer Basics with the SIGLENT SSA3000X Series

June 6, 2018

In this slide show, we briefly cover the basics of spectral analysis using a swept superheterodyne receiver. We then discuss various settings and controls to help you use your SIGLENT SSA more effectively. Spectrum Analyzer Basics

Ken Wyatt EMI Tests: Near-field probing

March 22, 2018

In this video, EMI Guru Ken Wyatt (@EMI_Guru) shows how to use Near-Field probes and a spectrum analyzer to troubleshoot component/board level EMI issues.

Quick remote computer control using LXI Tools

March 13, 2018

  In this video, we introduce you to LXI Tools, an open source instrument programming and control application that has a small footprint and excellent performance. It works seamlessly with a variety of SIGLENT  products, including SDSX and XE scopes, SDGX generators, and SDM DMMs. Special thanks to Martin Lund and the other developers of LXI … Continued

Dave Jones interviews SIGLENT CEO Eric Qin

January 22, 2018

Siglent Founder and CEO Eric Qin visited the EEVblog Lab and very kindly agreed to sit down for a quick impromptu chat. NOTE: Proper English subtitles are available. Forum:… EEVblog Main Web Site: The 2nd EEVblog Channel: