SHS1000 Series Isolated Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes

  • Completely isolated oscilloscope input channels, isolated between oscilloscope and multimeter channels
  • Oscilloscope isolation level: CAT II 1000V and CATIII 600V
  • Combines the functions of an oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder in one
  • Supports waveform printing and USB storage
  • 60MHz / 100MHz bandwidth, 2 input channels, 2Mpts memory depth

Product Overview

Siglent’s SHS1000-series handheld digital oscilloscopes take advantage of years of SIGLENT research and development. It adopts many dedicated integrated circuits which allows for a simpler layout, low power consumption and a very small footprint.

Bandwidth Channels Real Time
Sampling Rate
Multimeter Isolation Level Memory Depth Price
SHS1102 100MHz 2CH 1G Sa/s voltage,current, resistance.etc 8 regular function 1000V CATII,
2Mpts $1,526 Buy Now
SHS1062 60MHz 2CH 1G Sa/s voltage,current, resistance.etc 8 regular function 1000V CATII,
2Mpts $1,259 Buy Now

Key Features

  • 1 GSa/s real time sampling rate, 50 GSa/s equivalent sampling rate
  • Equipped with high precision multimeter, providing multiple functions
  • 3 kinds of cursor modes, 32 kinds of automatic waveform measurements
  • 5.7 inches color TFT-LCD
  • Supports trend plotting and long-duration data recorder function

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Product Characteristics

High performance oscilloscope View more

High performance oscilloscope

Data recorder View more

Data recorder

Digital multimeter View more

Digital multimeter

Trend plot View more

Trend plot

Standard Accessories

  • USB Cable

    Standard USB cable. Also available separately.

  • Multimeter Probes

    One pair of multimeter pen test leads (1000V)


    Carrying case for SHS handheld oscilloscopes

  • Quick Start

    Printed Quick Start Guide (English)

  • Power Adapter

    Power adapter 9V 4A(Load output voltage: 9V 4A) Switching Power Supply

Optional Accessories

  • PB925

    Bandwidth 250 MHz, fixed 10 X decay, the rise time of about 1.2 ns, input capacitance: 16 pF, compensation range: 10 pF-35 pF, input impedance 10 MΩ, length 120 cm, safe voltage levels: CAT II 1000V, CAT III 600V

  • Current Probe

    CP4020; CP4050; CP4070; CP4070A; CP5030; CP5030A; CP5150; CP5500

  • High Voltage Probe

    Bandwidth: 40MHz; Maximum input differential voltage DC:10KV; AC(rms):7KV(sine);AC(Vpp):20KV(Pulse); attenuation ratio1:1000; Accuracy:≤3%

  • Car Charger

    12VDC car charger for SHS handheld oscilloscopes


    SHS1000/SHS800 Battery: 7.4V,5400mAh

Support and Resources

Application Notes