SDM3065X 6 ½ Digits Dual-Display Digital Multimeters

  • The SIGLENT SDM3065X has a powerful testing engine
  • 1Gb Nand flash size
  • Mass storage configuration files and data files
  • External U disk storage

Product Overview

SDM3065X is a 6 ½ digit digital (2,200,000 count) multimeter incorporating a dual –display and is especially well suited for the needs of high-precision, multifunction and automatic measurement.

Reading Resolution DC Voltage Accuracy in a Year DC Voltage Measurement Range AC Voltage Measurement Range DC Current Measurement Range Price
SDM3065X 6 1/2 0.0035 + 0.0006 200 mV~1000 V 200mV~750V 200µA~10A $729 Buy Now

Key Features

  • SDM3065X interfaces include USB Device, USB Host, LAN
  • Can support remote control via commands and compatible with commands of main stream multimeters
  • Compatible with easy, convenient and flexible any sensor measurement control software: EasyDMM

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Product Characteristics

Histogram Display View more

Histogram Display

Trend Display View more

Trend Display

Bar Chart Display View more

Bar Chart Display

Statistics Function View more

Statistics Function

Dual Display Mode View more

Dual Display Mode

Hold Measurement View more

Hold Measurement

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dBm Measurement

Rich Peripheral Interfaces View more

Rich Peripheral Interfaces

Standard Accessories

  • Quick Start

    Printed Quick Start Guide (English)

  • USB Cable

    Standard USB cable. Also available separately.

  • Alligator Clips

    One pair of alligator clips

  • Power Cord

    Power cord designed for use with the instrument in the country of operation. Available separately. Power cord H05VV-F 3G0.75MM2-004; GB-line power line (L = 1.5m ± 20mm) three plugs; product suffix; 0.13 square; black (Ju Yu)

Optional Accessories

  • SC1016

    The scanner features 12 multi-purpose + 4 current channels and supports the following measurement functions:DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2WR, 4WR, CAP, FREQ, DIODE, CONT and TEMP (RTD and Thermocouple);It must be purchased and factory installed with a new DMM. It cannot be ordered as an option and added later

  • USB-GPIB adapter

    GPIB adapter converts GPIB signals to USB. For use with instruments that do not have a native GPIB bus Overview:  USB-GPIB adapter is used to Siglent instrument, which has the USB Host interface but have no GPIB interface  (eg SDS1000 series digital oscilloscope) . It can help this instrument connect to the device on the … Continued


    Rackmount kit is designed for use with only one instrument. It is compatible with the SDG800, SDG1000, SDG1000X, SDG2000X, and SDG5000 series function generators

Support and Resources

Application Notes