USB-GPIB adapter

November 28, 2017

GPIB adapter converts GPIB signals to USB. For use with instruments that do not have a native GPIB bus

USB-GPIB adapter is used to Siglent instrument, which has the USB Host interface but have no GPIB interface  (eg SDS1000 series digital oscilloscope) . It can help this instrument connect to the device on the GPIB bus control, so that Siglent instrument can operate more easily to complete the task through GPIB commands.

This GPIB connection end follows the IEEE488.2 standard , USB connection terminal follows the USB 2.0 specification. Detailed  GPIB commands, please consult the “Remote Command Control Manual.”


Features and Benefits:
● This adapter by USB Host interface power supply, without external power supply
● The adapter can through the Siglent instrument USB Host interface for GPIB control
● But through GPIB controller to Siglent instrument GPIB address for distribution
● But through the adapter on the LED lights for the state information
● GPIB interface only support Device model, does not support Controller mode